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Milazzo-Krieger M-K II Trigger.


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Milazzo-Krieger M-K II Trigger.

This trigger system combines the world class match trigger release of the original M-K II with a high speed

tactical trigger. We use the trigger and hammer castings of the original M-K II without changing any of

the hook angles or trigger geometry. This way you get the same pull and release of the M-K II. Then we add a

redesigned disconnector to give the M-K IIA2 a fast hammer reset. The forward trigger over travel allows

the trigger to move forward after the hammer has reset. This will keep trigger spring pressure on the users

finger which will greatly reduce trigger slapping when high speed follow up shots are required.

All M-­K II models include:

1 Hammer.

1 Hammer Spring.

2 Hammer / Trigger Receiver Pin.

1 Trigger Spring.

1 Trigger Housing Assembled With a Blue 4.5 Lb. Medium Disconnector Spring

1 Red 3.5 Lb Light Disconnector spring

1 White 5.0 lb. Heavy Disconnector Spring.

  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 May, 2016.