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your AR15 went to the range today. It shoots as good as it looks. This gun will keep up with a lot of bolt action varmint/target guns out there. Thanks to the folks at Compass Lake for the accurate 20" Douglas barrel and Founding Fathers for the receiver. The receiver is a near perfect match to the Mega Billet Upper and I like how the metal work compliments each other. Shot around .276" groups with 55 Gr NoslerBallistic Tips boattails and the same with 52 gr Sierra HPBT's. Didn't have any 69gr or 75 gr loads hanging around here anymore. You might want to try these in this 1x8 twist barrel. I had good luck in another Douglas barrel with these in the past. The Herrmannator
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Here is a link to a nice article about our .22 dedicated uppers that could be informational to some of you.


This is an old thread but it is so funny to read and makes me very happy to know that some of you guys think so highly of us.