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SAM-R Krieger Barrel

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Compass Lake Engineering
The SAM-R Rifle Barrel

The SAM-R rifle barrel was inspired by the Krieger service rifle barrels that we, at Compass Lake Engineering, supplied to the United States Marine Corps Rifle Team. The conflict in Iraq was looming and the anticipated combat ranges identified a need for a 5.56 mm rifle with greater accuracy and range than the standard M16 A2.

The USMC rifle team had been using Krieger service rifle barrels, supplied by Compass Lake. These barrels were known for their accuracy and dependability. They offered the characteristics required by the Marine Corps. We were contracted to build the same barrel that the rifle team was using.

This was a Krieger 1-7 twist stainless steel barrel chambered with our Compass Lake Engineering match chamber. This is the same chamber that we used when we machined the barrels for the USMC Service Rifle team. The only difference was the normal flats (there are four of them) that we machine for the windage adjustable front sight base were eliminated for the new barrel. This modification was to allow for a taper pinned front sight base manufactured and installed by Knights Armament Corporation. These bases had to be taper pinned on due to the provision by the USMC of fixing a bayonet to the rifle.

The effort in Iraq was intensifying and we had a very limited time frame to deliver the barrels. Krieger Barrels cranked blanks out to us in record time. They are truly an exceptional group of people. They supplied us with 105 barrel blanks in a short period of time. We went full out machining and finishing the barrels one day before the order was due to be delivered to the Knights. We packed the barrels with properly head spaced bolts up and drove them to Vero Beach on the designated delivery date.

Knights taper pinned the front sight bases on to the barrels and shipped them up to Quantico to the Precision Weapons Shop where the barrels were built up into rifles. Then they went into action.

We sincerely appreciate your interest. We have more stories to tell.

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  • Manufactured by: Compass Lake Engineering

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